Wedding Contracts

Blushed Beaute Weddings: Become a Blushed Bride!


Your wedding day is a day you will always remember and we want to be a part of making those memories perfect. Part of what we offer is an experience the is stress free and enjoyable! We want to answer your questions before you have them (check out our FAQ pdf) and teach you everything you need to know to ENJOY your wedding day. Let us handle the details and be the professionals you need to not only look PERFECT but have fun and feel pampered. We want to start your wedding day with memories you want to keep forever and so we guarantee:l;

  1. You will look amazing, and you will know that before hand because we do mandatory trials where we make sure you know what to expect and learn what you actually like. We LOVE that you trust us but we do our jobs best knowing exactly how each colour will compliment your skin and how you feel about false lashes because on your wedding day it’s all about you. The trial helps you know exactly what you want and feel confident in your artist.
  2. We will be on time
  3. You will know what to expect, there are no surprises in pricing  or changes you don’t know about


In order to book a wedding with Blushed Beaute please fill out a contract below and e-mail a photo of the signed form to Details for how to book and pricing are in the contract. Click the link to read or download. Thank you for have us a part of your special day! We absolutely are thrilled to help you feel flawless on such an amazing day!


Our Blushed Team Contracts 2017:

Elizabeth Segura,  Master Makeup Artist and Hairstylist 2017 Elizabeth Bridal Contract

Nickol Walkemeyer, Master Makeup Artist and Hairstylist  2017 Nickol Bridal Contract

Nina Simons, Senior Hairstylist 2017 Nina Bridal Contract

Rakhee Chavda, Intermediate Makeup Artist and Hairstylist 2017 Rakhee Bridal Contract

Calvin Arnold, Intermediate Makeup Artist  2017 Calvin Bridal Contract

Emily Phung, Intermediate Makeup Artist and Hairstylist 2017 Emily Bridal Contract


Indian/Arabic Bridal: Elizabeth Segura (trained by Sunita Sumaru of Sen Studios) 

2017 Indian Bridal Contract – Elizabeth

**Retainers (or deposits) are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you book us for an event you are not considered booked until a deposit has been paid (unless we did not ask you for one). If you change the date of your booking then the deposit is lost and will not be applied to any future bookings (the artist may use discretion here, please let us know about any extenuating circumstances).
**If you book an artist for an event and confirm the number of people (example 6 people are confirmed at time of booking) and on the day of the even not everyone shows up or decide not to get the service they originally booked for, the total for the original party is still due. (so if only 3 people end up getting their service done the total for 6 is still due in full).


 Thank you so much for having the Blushed Team as part of your special day. We are committed to making every Bride (and her party) feel pampered and look flawless!